Wine Accident: Guests Talking in ‘Pool of Blood’ at US Embassy Move Festivities

Wine Accident: Guests Talking in ‘Pool of Blood’ at US Embassy Move Festivities
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Amid celebrations of the hotly-debated move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a picture has surfaced on Twitter showing a blood-red pool, with people standing nearby all engaged in friendly banter while holding glasses of wine.

With the festivities having kicked off long before the official opening ceremony, the location appears to be fully packed, as is obvious from the picture, tweeted by an Israeli journalist.

The guests are all into their small talk, while a couple of staffers set about dealing with what appears to be wine spilled all over the floor after a couple of bottles fell from atop the decorative wine barrel and smashed into pieces. Some Twitter users naturally rushed to draw parallels between the “behind the scenes” accident and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian crisis, citing the updated death toll:

“While the wine was running red in Jerusalem, Israeli Snipers were spilling the red blood of Palestinian men, women & children over the soil of Gaza — the death toll for today is now over 50 & rising,” one user noted, while a second one said it might be a cue of what the future holds for the region.

“Perhaps an indication of the blood that may flow,” he wrote.

Another Twitter user recalled a New Testament scene of Jesus turning water into wine.

One person opted for a visual demonstration of blood flowing in:

​Jerusalem hosted the new US embassy opening ceremony on Monday, May 14 amid continuous violent standoff between the Palestinians and Israeli servicemen in the Gaza Strip. The ongoing protests are essentially in the framework of the so-called Great March of Return, but they are also a response to the US embassy transfer from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. According to the Gaza Health Ministry reports, no less than 59 Palestinians were killed in clashes on the border with Gaza.

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