WATCH: US-Led Coalition Strike Syrian Government Forces

WATCH: US-Led Coalition Strike Syrian Government Forces
AP Photo/ Vadim GhirdaMiddle East21:43 13.02.2018(updated 21:54 13.02.2018) Get short URL9340

The US Air Force Central Command released a video on Tuesday, showing an airstrike on Syrian government forces in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

The footage depicts the destruction of a T-72 tank, as well as a strike against artillery and a squad section near it.

The US claimed their actions were in self-defense, calling it a response to the alleged attacks on the US-backed Syrian Defense Forces, but it is unclear whether any threat was posed by the destroyed facilities.

Meanwhile, a Fox News journalist reported the destruction of the T-72 by a US drone on February 13. According to him, the attack took place on February 10, after forces loyal to the Syrian government opened fire on military personnel of the US-led international coalition and its Syrian allies in almost the same place as on February 7.

The journalist informed that no US serviceman was injured. However, three of servicemen in the tank were killed, the journalist stated.

According to previous CNN reports, the international US-led coalition against Daesh (banned in Russia) on February 7 struck Syrian pro-government forces. It was reported that the militia at that time was conducting an operation against a Daesh sleeper cell in the area of the former oil refinery. According to various sources, the attack killed or injured dozens of people.