WATCH: Missile-Mounted Camera Shows Israeli Strike on Syrian Interceptor System

WATCH: Missile-Mounted Camera Shows Israeli Strike on Syrian Interceptor System
REUTERS / Ronen ZvulunMilitary & Intelligence22:14 10.05.2018(updated 22:27 10.05.2018) Get short URL212

The Israel Defense Force published new footage Thursday showing a close-up view of a missile closing in on a Syrian Army air defense battery.

“The IDF has struck dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria in response to the Iranian rocket attack against Israel. Quds Force is behind attack and has played [sic] the initial price. IDF remains ready for various scenarios but does not seek to escalate the situation,” the Israeli Air Force said on Twitter.

​The footage comes from a camera mounted on the Israeli projectile. The Israeli projectile appears to make impact with what the IDF said is an SA22 combined anti-aircraft artillery battery and short- to medium-range surface-to-air missile launcher.

​In one of the largest Israeli military operations in decades, the IDF struck what it described as 50 Iranian targets in Syria in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Shortly after midnight, emergency sirens in the Golan Heights alerted people in the area of potential missile attacks coming from Syrian territory.

During the operation, Israeli pilots met heavy anti-aircraft fire by Syrian forces, leading Israel to also destroy five SA22 air defense batteries, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Iranian short-range-ballistic missiles were fired at the Golan Heights, the Diplomat’s Ankit Panda reported, citing US defense officials, before Syrian mortar and rocket artillery continued the bombardment along the Israel-Syria border.

An Iranian parliament member dismissed his country’s alleged role in the conflict, saying “Israel is lying” and that it was Syria that had attacked Israel. Syria called the airstrikes a “new phase of aggression” by Israel against their state.