WATCH Douma Eyewitnesses Blow Lid Off White Helmets’ ‘Chemical Attack’ Claims

WATCH Douma Eyewitnesses Blow Lid Off White Helmets’ ‘Chemical Attack’ Claims
REUTERS / Bassam KhabiehMiddle East21:58 13.04.2018(updated 21:59 13.04.2018) Get short URL

Amid Western powers’ planning for a military response to an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian Army in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, the Russian Defense Ministry has released a video interview featuring two young men who were on the ground at a local hospital where opposition media claimed victims of a ‘chemical attack’ were being treated.

The men, whose faces could be seen in an video spread by opposition media regarding the alleged April 7 Douma attack, panic at the hospital began after an unknown individual began shouting about a chemical attack as the victims of a residential building which had been hit by a bomb were being brought in for treatment.

​The men, including Khalil Azizah, an ambulance driver at Douma Central Hospital, and another eyewitness, whose name was not reported, said that the bombing victims were suffering from smoke inhalation.

Doctors did not see any patients with signs of chemical poisoning. The witnesses said they were busy working to save the bombing victims, and were not paying attention to who was filming them.

It was not reported who was responsible for the bombing of the residential building.