US Violates All Int’l Norms, Russia Views This as Act of Aggression – Lawmaker

US Violates All Int’l Norms, Russia Views This as Act of Aggression – Lawmaker
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By conducting strikes on Syria, the US is violating all international norms, and Russia views this as an act of aggression, says Alexander Sherin, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, comparing US President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“The US President Donald Trump is not just a criminal for the whole world, he is Adolf Hitler number two,” Sherin told Russian media.

Earlier this day Trump announced he ordered military strikes on Syria.

“[Trump] is a criminal — but that’s not enough. One can call him Adolf Hitler of today, because look — he even chose the time, just like when Hitler attacked the USSR,” Sherin told reporters.

“This is the second Belgrade, this is a turning point, the Russian Federation has received an act of agressionm because, according to all international norms this is a violation of all international rights, this is a declaration of war to a sovereign state, towards which a nuclear power fulfills its obligations of help and security,” Sherin said.

“Everything we’ve done, all the effort put into this, they try to multiply it all by zero and simply put Russia on its knees,” he added.

The strike on Syria is a ill-thought and provocational step of the US that can lead to unpredictable consequences, said his colleague, Yuri Shvytkin a deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee.

The actions of France, UK and the US in Syria do not benefit building constructive relations with Moscow, he added.