US Claims About Russian Military Buildup in Black Sea ‘Lies’ – Russian Senator

US Claims About Russian Military Buildup in Black Sea ‘Lies’ – Russian SenatorCC0Europe09:40 20.02.2018Get short URL



MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The US statements that Russia is allegedly increasing its military presence in the Black Sea are “direct lies” seeking to divert attention from the military build-up of the United States in the region and to exert political pressure on Russia, the first deputy chair of the Russian upper house’s defense committee told Sputnik.

“Recently, the United States has been making a number of accusations against Russia — both regarding the strengthening of Russia’s nuclear capabilities and the increase in a number of nuclear weapons, now regarding the increase in its [military] presence in the Black Sea. This is all direct lies, attempts to divert attention from the US own build-up of armament and the military presence,” Yevgeny Serebrennikov said.

The senior lawmaker noted that Washington was also seeking “to use this lie for political pressure on Russia.”

“Such attempts, as the Russian president and the defense minister, have repeatedly said, will not succeed,” Serebrennikov said.

Earlier in the day, the CNN broadcaster reported citing US military official that the US Navy was increasing its presence in the Black Sea in a bid to resist the build-up of the Russian armed forces in the area.

On February 17, USS Carney joined the USS Ross in the Black Sea to “conduct maritime security operations,” in a move to “desensitize Russia” to US military presence in the region, according to a US military official.