US Attacks on Russian Media, Kaspersky Delay Prospects for Cooperation – Embassy

US Attacks on Russian Media, Kaspersky Delay Prospects for Cooperation – Embassy
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The Russian Embassy says that US attacks on Russian media outlets and the Kaspersky Lab undermine prospects for restoring US-Russia cooperation in combating terrorism.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Washington’s recent attacks on Russian media outlets — the broadcaster RT and Sputnik – and the Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity firm postpones efforts to rebuild a working relationship to combat terrorism, the Russian Embassy said in a statement.

“These steps only delay the prospects for restoring US-Russia cooperation and distract both countries from finding mutual solutions on issues of mutual interest, primarily the fight against global terrorism,” the Embassy said on Wednesday.

Moscow perceives US actions against Russian media and the Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity firm as an effort to initiate unfair competition in the information field and software market, the statement added.

The Russian Embassy also called on the United States to look at its proposal to set up a joint cybersecurity group to combat cybercrime, according to the statement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in July that Moscow had repeatedly suggested they should work together with Washington to tackle cybercrime after hearing “groundless accusations” of Russia’s interference in US home affairs.

Washington recently ordered Moscow to shut down Russia’s Consulate General in San Francisco and two trade missions in New York City and Washington, DC.

In July, Moscow reduced US diplomatic personnel in Russia to 455 representatives, the same number of Russian diplomatic staff in the United States at the time.