UK Retired Soldier Captured After Living in Woods, Robbing French – Reports

UK Retired Soldier Captured After Living in Woods, Robbing French – ReportsCC0Europe19:57 23.05.2018Get short URL



A British military retiree had allegedly terrorized the residents of a French town, living in a forest nearby, where he fled from a trial concerning 40 robberies. The guerilla outlaw settled with comfort in a concealed tent, using his military training.

A 51-year-old, retired British soldier has been detained in France and faces a term in prison for dozens of robberies. As a local broadcaster BFMTV reports, he had been hiding in the woods in the western department of Vienne and robbing the residents of Surin over the course of six months.

According to the media he was first captured in April 2017, suspected of 40 robberies, but fled. The court had sentenced him to 15 months in prison, while a European arrest warrant was issued.

The locals started searching for the runaway after robberies resumed some time later. They could trace his camouflaged hideaway, concealed in the forest with a TV set, gas balloons, new laptops and kitchen utensils as well as jewelry inside, 200 items in total. The gendarmes have stated that he used his army skills to evade detection.

Town Mayor Claudie Memin said to the media that locals were terrified by the man, who stole not only valuable things, but also food.

“One of the couples was robbed eight times and had to put bars on the windows of the kitchen as the trespasser appeared as soon as they filled their fridge with food,” she said.

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