Twitter Policy Indicates ‘Alarming’ Link Between Business and Intelligence – MFA

Twitter Policy Indicates ‘Alarming’ Link Between Business and Intelligence – MFA
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The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Sputnik on Friday that Twitter’s readiness to block ads from the accounts owned by RT and Sputnik news outlets, based on unconfirmed information from the US intelligence, is “an alarming signal” in regard to relations between US spy agencies and private companies.

BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) — “It is important to note this link between certain reports of US intelligence, which are unfounded, … and the decision of a private company… And this link between US intelligence and security forces, and private companies providing communications and information environment is a very alarming signal. They [intelligence agencies] extend their pressure both on media and private corporations,” Maria Zakharova stressed.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said that Moscow was mulling over a response towards Twitter’s new controversial ads policy.

“Such aggressive actions against Russian media will not remain without a response, despite the fact that this is not our choice and we have never resorted to tough measures. But in this case, when the Americans began to play not by the rules, using the arsenal of security services, there will be a response. It is being worked out now,” Zakharova said.

On Thursday, Twitter announced its decision to off-board advertising from all accounts owned by Russian news outlets RT and Sputnik based on an internal company investigation after the US intelligence community concluded the two media outlets attempted to influence the 2016 US presidential election.

Russian media, especially the RT broadcaster, have faced intense scrutiny in the United States. The broadcaster has been accused of allegedly spreading fake news and attempting to influence public opinion, especially amid the US presidential election in 2016. According to the US intelligence community, the broadcaster was involved in the Kremlin’s alleged attempts to sway the election.

In January, the US Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation  and National Security Agency  released a report accusing Russia of meddling in US elections. The report did not provide any proof, citing confidentiality protocols, while its significant part was focused on RT broadcaster and Sputnik news agency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and other senior officials have repeatedly denied allegations of Moscow’s meddling in the US election.