Thousands of German Households Without Internet After Attempted Bank Robbery

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Berlin Vodafone and Telecom customers have complained about massive network disruptions since Sunday. The unknown perpetrators apparently damaged several fiber optic cables, local media wrote.

Around 40,000 Berlin households in the southwest of the city have to do without cable television and Internet after a major outage on Sunday.

Police have launched an inquiry into whether the incident is somehow related to an attempted bank robbery in the area.

The perpetrators reportedly tried to switch off an alarm system in order to rob the Berlin Sparkasse bank, according to the Berliner Morgenpost. However, they didn’t manage to steal anything and disappeared when the bank’s security alarm went off.

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Most affected residents are Vodafone customers, while others are Telekom service users.

“In Wilmersdorf, a cable duct was opened and a fiber optic cable was severed,” a Vodafone spokesperson was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

A Telekom representative stated that 16 fiber optic cables were damaged.

Repair works are underway. In some households, access to the network has already been restored.