Swansea University Evacuated in Big Tremor Felt by 10 Million Brits

Swansea University Evacuated in Big Tremor Felt by 10 Million BritsCC BY-SA 4.0 / Rhys1234567890 / Swansea UniversityNews20:13 17.02.2018Get short URL



The tremor that hit Britain today was compared to anything from a sweeping explosion to a truck crash, with hordes of panic-stricken people pouring into the street.

An estimated 4.4-magnitude earthquake shook buildings across western Britain, near Swansea, just after 2.30 pm. A total of 10 million people from Cornwall to Blackpool said they could feel a strong quake that rattled buildings, caused lights to flicker and even knocked off furniture and other objects in households.

Swansea University, which is reportedly within 8 kilometers from the quake epicenter, was evacuated following the alert.

In the aftermath, South Wales Police urged people not to phone the emergency services unless they had any damage or injuries to report.

The British Geological Survey’s website has been under increased pressure in the wake of the event.

It wrote on Twitter: “We are in the process of analysing data for the felt report of a tremor in the SW of England. As soon as we know more we’ll let you know.”

It was the strongest earthquake to be felt in Britain in the recent time. The largest known quake ever recorded — of 6.1 magnitude — happened in the North Sea, near the Dogger Bank, in 1931, but was reported to have caused minor damage then.

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