Suspicious Groans Interrupt Wedding in Brazil

Suspicious Groans Interrupt Wedding in BrazilCC0Latin America21:44 06.02.2018(updated 21:59 06.02.2018) Get short URL240

A wedding day is one of the most special occasions for any couple, and one wants everything to be absolutely perfect. But unpleasant surprises, as a recent ceremony in Brazil has shown, usually come unexpectedly.

A sweet wedding ceremony in Brazil turned into a complete disaster when Mendelssohn’s wedding march was suddenly interrupted by alleged female groans coming from the sound system, the Daily Mirror reported.

Footage recently published online depicts a bride in a long white dress walking down the aisle toward her future husband, accompanied by a beautiful melody, when suddenly the sound was cut short and replaced by the loud groans.

The record was immediately turned off, and the ceremony continued in silence, interrupted only by silently giggling guests.

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The incident occurred due to the fault of the wedding organizers, who downloaded a pirate version of the wedding march online and did not check it before the ceremony.