‘Sexy as Hell’: Hot Military Babes Set Instagram on Fire (PHOTOS)

‘Sexy as Hell’: Hot Military Babes Set Instagram on Fire (PHOTOS)
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World’s sexiest soldiers have taken social media by storm with sizzling photographs showing that serving in the army doesn’t mean you can’t look hot.

Active marines and former US servicewomen have hundreds of thousands of followers on their Instagram accounts, where they demonstrate their great fit bodies and good looks.

These stunning soldier babes are leaving many people thinking of joining the Marine Corps.

US Marine Marissa Rae Lees caused a stir after posting dozens of photos of herself in uniform. The soldier shows off her incredible body following tough workout routines.

Former US marine Tara L has more than 52,000 fans on Instagram, where she has posted hundreds of jaw-dropping photos.

One follower wrote under a photo, “Sexy as hell and perfection.”

Another added: “You’re why America is great.”

US war veteran soldier in Afghanistan, known as “tbbyxoxo” on Instagram has fired her way into the hearts of thousands with her perfect, mind-boggling looks.


One user wrote, “Damn if y’all got drill instructors that look like this I’m switching to the marines.”