Russian Prosecutor General Demands Harsher Penalties for Foreign Meddling

Russian Prosecutor General Demands Harsher Penalties for Foreign Meddling
Sputnik/ Eugene OdinokovWorld15:18 15.02.2018(updated 15:22 15.02.2018) Get short URL

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika instructed on Thursday to “harshly react” to attempts of foreign agencies to interfere in Russian domestic affairs ahead of presidential elections.

“Attempts of foreign agencies … to continue to interfere in our country’s domestic affairs requires a harsh reaction from our prosecutors,” he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that Russia hopes that the United States will not meddle in its presidential election in 2018 after baseless accusations that Moscow interfered in the US 2016 elections.

At the same time, the Russian Federation Council’s commission for the protection of state sovereignty stated that it has information proving the interference of US media in Russia’s internal affairs.

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“Unfortunately, not only do I have information, but these data are replicated by US means of state propaganda… The US public propaganda outlets, which have already been recognized as foreign agents, usually act as instigators,” the commision’s head Andrei Klimov said at the press conference.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States is constantly attempting to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and considering it a normal occurrence.