Russian Embassy In London: Russophobic Hysteria Threatens to Ruin UK Reputation

Russian Embassy In London: Russophobic Hysteria Threatens to Ruin UK ReputationCC0Europe05:26 23.05.2018Get short URL



LONDON (Sputnik) – The UK government’s strong Russophobia is threatening to ruin the reputation of the United Kingdom, the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in London told reporters.

“We are seeing that the [UK] government while in the throes of Russophobic hysteria, is threatening the reputation of the United Kingdom not only as a partner in international relations… but as a state that believes in the importance of laws, everyone’s equality before the law, the inviolability of property and the freedom of economic competition,” the press secretary said Tuesday, when asked about Johnson’s words.

The press secretary added that Johnson’s complaint of legal constraints that prevent the government from taking a harsher stance on Russia was emblematic.

“This behavior is unlikely to help implement the idea of the ‘global United Kingdom’ after exiting the European Union,” the Embassy representative said.

Earlier this week, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hinted that London might consider tougher sanctions on Russia after leaving the European Union.

On Monday, UK House of Commons’ Foreign Affairs Committee urged the government to toughen the sanctions on Russia, in particular, people close to the Russian government.