Russian Citizen Detained in Argentina Over Attempt to Smuggle Cocaine

Russian Citizen Detained in Argentina Over Attempt to Smuggle CocaineCC BY 2.0 / Roger Schultz / Aeropuerto de EzeizaLatin America07:53 28.02.2018(updated 07:55 28.02.2018) Get short URL



MONTEVIDEO/MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – A Russian citizen was detained in Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires as he was attempting to smuggle almost nine pounds of cocaine out of Argentina in a false bottom of a suitcase, Argentinian Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said.

“A Russian citizen brings his suitcases to Ezeiza, Airport security police check them thoroughly and find almost four kilograms [8.8 pounds] of cocaine in a false bottom. Yes, after 389 kilograms of cocaine found last week and linked to the Russian Embassy we have boosted control all across the country,” the minister wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

According to media reports, the Russian national was going to fly Lufthansa to Frankfurt on Sunday, when he was detained after the luggage scan, but the information about his arrest emerged only on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the security forces of Russia and Argentina had intercepted the shipment of 389 kilograms of cocaine to Moscow as part of a joint anti-drug operation that started in December 2016, when the Russian Embassy in Argentina notified the country’s security forces that it had found a few bags with cocaine on its premises.