Pentagon’s Claims That US Won’t Leave Syria Violate Geneva Agreements – Lavrov

Pentagon’s Claims That US Won’t Leave Syria Violate Geneva Agreements – Lavrov
Sputnik/ Maxim BlinovMiddle East14:27 14.11.2017(updated 14:56 14.11.2017) Get short URL3780140

The Russian foreign minister has commented on the situation in Syria, including the US actions in the war-plagued country and the preparations for the creation of the national congress that would help resolve the crisis.

The announcement from Pentagon chief James Mattis that the US forces will not leave Syria until the “political process is moving in the right direction,” violate the Geneva agreements, Sergei Lavrov said. 

“The United States believes that the right direction for Syria is the change of the regime change, as you know. Despite they do not demand that Syrian President Bahar Assad resign immediately, such claims contradict the Geneva agreements, ” Lavrov said, adding that Washington’s stated aim in Syria war fight against terrorism.

At the same time, the situation in Syria’s Abu Kamal where the US forces are sparing terrorists is not a unique case, the Russian foreign minister has said, adding that the goals of Washington in the war-torn country remain unknown.

Meanwhile, he went on to say, Washington’s wards from various militant groups are the greatest danger in Syria, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“If you look at who is the greatest danger, it’s just the wards of the United States, various foreign terrorists, militants who are attached to those groups of armed opposition that the US supports,” Lavrov said.