Pentagon Plans to Send Thousands More Troops to Afghanistan

Pentagon Plans to Send Thousands More Troops to Afghanistan
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Pentagon has confirmed its plans to send more troops to Afghanistan, refusing however to disclose their future location.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The US Department of Defense will send more than 3,000 additional soldiers to Afghanistan, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Michael Andrews confirmed to Sputnik.

“We will not say where they are going in Afghanistan because we don’t want the enemy to know our plans,” Andrews clarified confirming that more than 3,000 additional US troops will be deployed to Afghanistan.

Trump has recently announced his new Afghan strategy, saying that the United States was committed to destroying extremist groups.

Unlike his predecessor’s plans for US troops withdrawal from the country at a steady pace and handing over the security to the Afghan government, Trump’s strategy involves increasing military presence.

The new strategy bases the criteria for withdrawing US troops on fulfilment of certain requirements rather than on a time-line.

The United Stated has been maintaining its military presence in Afghanistan for 16 years now — it is the longest conflict Pentagon has ever been engaged in.