Pashinyan Invites Renowned US Economist to Restore Armenia’s Economy

Pashinyan Invites Renowned US Economist to Restore Armenia’s Economy
REUTERS / Gleb GaranichEurope05:51 13.05.2018Get short URL

YEREVAN (Sputnik) – Prominent US Economist Daron Acemoglu, the professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has agreed to provide his assistance in restoring Armenia’s economy after the country was hit with a wave of anti-government protests, newly-elected Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Sunday.

“I just had a phone conversation with widely known economist of Armenian origin Daren Acemoglu. He said that he is ready to help Armenia in the issue of restoring and developing the economy. Mr.Acemoglu has accepted the invitation to visit Armenia,” Pashinyan wrote on Facebook.

The prime minister added that the dates of Acemoglu’s visit will be announced soon.

Acemoglu was born in Turkey to Armenian parents, but since has moved to the United States and now holds the US citizenship. He has previously criticized the former Armenian government for high level of corruption and ineffective economic policy as the country has long been suffering from underdevelopment.

On Tuesday, the Armenian National Assembly elected opposition leader Pashinyan as the new prime minister, following weeks of large-scale street protests.