Oops! Top Secret Docs Reportedly Found in Secondhand Shop

Oops! Top Secret Docs Reportedly Found in Secondhand ShopCC0Asia & Pacific12:17 31.01.2018(updated 12:34 31.01.2018) Get short URL



Australia’s Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has launched a probe into the reported leak of hundreds of top-secret documents detailing a spate of the country’s security breaches.

The Australian news network ABC has obtained hundreds of highly classified documents, dubbed the Cabinet Files, which were discovered in locked filing cabinets purchased at a second-hand shop in Canberra.

Describing the Cabinet Files as “the biggest breaches of cabinet security in Australian history,” ABC declined to identify the shop and the person who bought the filing cabinets.

Meanwhile, the country’s Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has announced an urgent investigation into the leak of the classified documents, with some of them marked as “top secret” or “AUSTEO”, a sign that they can only be looked through by Australians.

In particular, the Cabinet Files have revealed that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) lost nearly 400 national security files in five years, and that former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government had considered denying welfare to people under 30.

Additionally, the classified files claimed that the administration of former Prime Minister John Howard discussed scrapping the right of people to refuse to answer questions during a police interrogation.

Twitter users were quick to quip at the news, with many poking fun at the Australian government.