Netanyahu Alleges Terrorism is “Under Iranian Auspices”

Netanyahu Alleges Terrorism is “Under Iranian Auspices”
Sputnik / Middle East15:23 17.04.2018(updated 15:35 17.04.2018) Get short URL316

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Prime Minister said that fanaticism “does not take into account” such norms as guaranteed immunity for diplomats, citing the 1979 capture of American diplomats in Iran.

Netanyahu has accused Tehran accused Iran of patronizing terrorism during the annual memorial ceremony of the dead diplomats.

“Terrorism crosses boundaries,” Netanyahu said, and today – as was the case then [in 1979] – it is under Iranian auspices, and under the sponsorship of Islamic State. There is no continent or country safe from terrorism. What we have to do is stand against them together — to build a strong dam of the civilized world against the flood of radicalism. Terrorists smell weakness, but they equally recognize power. With force and firmness we will stop their aggression. “