‘National Tragedy!’: Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Win Left Many People Outraged

‘National Tragedy!’: Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Win Left Many People Outraged
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The biggest night in music did not go down so well on social media when British song writer and performer Ed Sheeran won the Best Solo Performance category.

The singer of “Shape of you” beat all female nominees in the category and took the award for best performance. However, many social media users felt that the award should have gone to the American singer Kesha.

Although artists like Pink, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson were also nominated alongside Kesha and Ed Sheeran, it was the fact that Kesha didn’t win that Twitter went wild over.

​Kesha’s return to music was much anticipated after she spent years battling in court with her former producer over sexual abuse.

The 30-year-old singer released an album entitled “Rainbow” with a song called “Praying,” describing her journey and healing after the turbulent time in her life. The song was critically acclaimed and gave her the nomination for this year’s Grammy.

But it was Ed Sheeran who won the award, although he wasn’t even there to receive it, while all the other nominees were present at the event.

“In the wake of various systemic sexual assault cases and the rise of movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up, to recognize the impressive work of a sexual abuse survivor seems not only poignant, but prudent,” Glamour magazine wrote.

It seems that Twitter agreed with that sentiment, as reactions to Kesha losing the Grammy ranged from shocked to straight-up outraged.

​“Kesha poured her heart and soul into praying for five years,” wrote one Twitter user. “This is a national tragedy. Let’s riot.”

Many said that Ed Sheeran’s song that won him the award “Shape of you” didn’t even have strong vocals.

​Some thought that all the women in the nominated category were better performers than the British lad.