N Korea’s Celebrations of ‘Day of Sun’ Lack Their Usual Military Flair (PHOTOS)

N Korea’s Celebrations of ‘Day of Sun’ Lack Their Usual Military Flair (PHOTOS)
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The Day of the Sun is one of the main public holidays in North Korea, which marks the birth anniversary of the country’s founder Kim Il Sung, grandfather of incumbent Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The joyous celebration included concerts, a flower festival and a biscuit sculpture show.

This year, North Korea has significantly reduced the degree of its usual military rhetoric while celebrating the birth of Kim Il Sung, according to Kyodo News Agency. There were no posters of missiles or militarist slogans, which is believed to be connected with the upcoming talks between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in next week, as well as Kim’s meeting with US President Donald Trump, scheduled for early June. 

Since early in the morning people had been carrying flowers to the monuments of Kim Il Sung and his son and successor Kim Jong Il on Mansu hill in the center of Pyongyang.

On Friday, Kim Jong-un received numerous floral baskets from foreign organizations and heads of states on the occasion of Kim Il Sung’s anniversary.

On the occasion of the holiday, Kimilsungia festival of flowers was opened, with a specially bred species of orchids, named after Kim Il Sung, being a highlight.

Sweet and biscuit sculpture show has dazzled visitors with imagination and skills of creators.

Many Koreans as well as tourists visited Mangyongdae, the birthplace of former President Kim Il Sung.

There were all kinds of festive events in commemoration of North Korea’s late founder, such as art exibitions and concerts.