Most Germans Fear West’s Reaction to Douma Attack Will Worsen Crisis – Poll

Most Germans Fear West’s Reaction to Douma Attack Will Worsen Crisis – Poll
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MOSCOW, Sputnik – The majority of German citizens (58 percent) are afraid that a potential military response by the Western countries to the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma may aggravate the situation in the Middle Eastern country, a fresh poll showed on Friday.

According to the Politbarometer survey carried out for the ZDF TV channel, only 7 percent of respondents said that a possible Western response might have a positive effect on the conflict’s settlement, while 28 percent expressed their belief that the intervention would not change the situation much.

As regards potential German participation in the military action, only 18 percent of those surveyed said they were in favour of it, while 78 percent had an opposite point of view.

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The survey was carried out from April 10 to April 12, with 1,100 people taking part in it.

Reports about the alleged attack in the Syrian city of Douma emerged on April 7. The United States and many of its allies have blamed the Syrian government for the attack. On April 9, US President Donald Trump announced that he was considering airstrikes in the region as a response to an alleged attack.

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After the US announced its plans on airstrikes, several its allies, namely France and the UK stated that might have joined the move. Germany, however, announced on April 12 that it would not take part in potential military actions against Syria.

Damascus refuted any claims concerning the attack, recalling that all chemical stockpiles of the country have been destroyed and this fact has been confirmed by the OPCW. The country has also cited the international organization of Red Cresent, which confirmed that they hadn’t received any reports of patients with chemical poisoning in the area.

Russia has voiced a similar position, saying that its center for Syrian reconciliation found no traces of hazardous substances in the area. Moreover, Moscow said that it had earlier warned of the possibility of provocations involving the use of chemicals that would be aimed at blaming President Bashar Assad’s government for said attacks.