Model Goes Under Knife to Change Her Eye Color, Calls Life ‘F***** Up’ (PHOTOS)

Model Goes Under Knife to Change Her Eye Color, Calls Life ‘F***** Up’ (PHOTOS)CC0Society22:22 12.04.2018(updated 22:26 12.04.2018) Get short URL



An Instagram babe who went through a controversial operation says that her vision now resembles that of a 90-year-old.

Nadinne Bruna, a 32-year-old Argentinian model, who is currently living in Miami, traveled to Bogota, Colombia, to have a silicone implant sown into her hazel eyes to turn them light gray, but the treatment went wrong and the beauty enthusiast lost most of her sight, The Daily Mail reported. Notably, her request to conduct the surgery in the US had been turned down, as it is not approved by the FDA.

Following the operation in September 2016, the model said she constantly saw a blurry picture and her eyes were left red and aching for months, which even made her stop her profit-yielding photoshoots.

Now, Ms. Bruna has decided to speak out about her horrible experience, acknowledging that the irreparable damage that had been done to her eyes virtually “f***** up” her life and caused enormous depression. She was left with glaucoma due to damage to her optic nerve, which rendered the vision damage permanent:

“My vision damage is permanent, and I still have to have a cornea transplant and I have cataracts too,” she said.

​She admitted it had been completely stupid of her to undertake the experiment but she still hoped that she could do something about it.

 “Now I have the vision of a 90-year-old lady right but I’m hoping I can just keep my glaucoma under control.” 

After she failed to repair her eyesight back in Colombia, where she traveled twice after the surgery, she had to seek assistance in the US. Ophthalmologists at Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, led by Dr Ranya Habash, removed the dangerous implants last September.

Ms. Bruna, who has been making money through advertising cosmetic procedures on Instagram, has not taken legal action against the Colombian surgeon who had treated her because she said she couldn’t afford to do so. Instead, the model has chosen to warn her followers on Instagram against the controversial medical experiment.

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