Man Choked by Cop at Waffle House Says Workers Called Him Slurs (VIDEO)

Man Choked by Cop at Waffle House Says Workers Called Him Slurs (VIDEO)
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The North Carolina police officer filmed choking and slamming a black man to the ground outside a Waffle House restaurant has been placed on administrative leave, and new details about the conflict have surfaced, such as that Waffle House employees allegedly called 21-year-old Anthony Wall, the man who was choked, a “f*ggot” and “other names.”

Wall, his 16-year-old sister and some friends decided to get a bite to eat at a Warsaw, North Carolina, Waffle House May 5 after Wall’s sister’s prom. The group of friends sat at a table that had not yet been wiped down and got into an argument with their server after they complained about the dirty table.

​”In the midst of that, the lady [the server] and my sister had some words,” Wall told the Grio. “I was pretty upset, but then [another employee] called me a f*ggot and all kind of other names. He was taking off his shirt to fight me, but one of the other workers did hold him back.”

Employees at the restaurant called the Warsaw Police Department as the argument between Wall and several members of the wait staff continued. When police arrived at the scene, Warsaw Police Officer Frank Moss allegedly removed Wall from the restaurant. Video footage captured by witnesses show Moss choking and slamming Wall to the ground outside the establishment.

In a recent statement, Warsaw Mayor AJ Connors said, “I want the public to understand that this is not a racially motivated issue. This was just a young man who had broken the law and a law enforcement officer arrested him. And unfortunately physical contact took place because he refused to cooperate or follow the — or obey the law.” 

“He put up a struggle and eventually he was brought outside, gotten outside and in the midst of things more physical contact took place,” Connors added.

Wall has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. While he has taken responsibility for the altercation with the restaurant employees, he believes the cop’s violent actions were out of line. Wall has hired attorneys Benjamin Crum and Allen Rogers to represent him in the arrest.

The case is currently being investigated by Warsaw police and the FBI.

Wall’s violent treatment comes weeks after 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons was arrested at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama, in late April.

The two incidents have sparked some US community leaders, including minister Bernice King, to call for a boycott of Waffle House until the company has serious discussions on racism and employee training.