Mamacita With a Gun: US Soldier Babe Stuns With Sultry Instagram Snaps

Mamacita With a Gun: US Soldier Babe Stuns With Sultry Instagram SnapsCC0Society20:04 22.02.2018(updated 20:08 22.02.2018) Get short URL

A sexy woman who can also work a machine gun is a force to be reckoned with. Meet Katerin Ariza, who serves in the US Army and shoots straight into our hearts with jaw-dropping photos.

The Colombian-born beauty moved to the US and became a unit supply specialist. She has 21,000 Instagram followers where she uploads her gorgeous photos.

Katerin Ariza likes to show off her fit, gym toned figure. She can also be seen posing with machine guns in military uniform and in bikinis.


The Hispanic beauty revealed her work out regime and eating habits to the publication The Daily Star, saying that she works out three times a week to stay in shape and eats healthy.

Although, Ariza admitted that she loves having Colombian food from time to time.

She said, “I’m Hispanic so no way I can always eat healthy; I still enjoy empanadas, rice and beans, tacos – overall all Hispanic food. But obviously you need to watch what you eat so I eat my Colombian food in my rest day!” The Daily Star reported.

Ariza is currently stationed in Germany, where she is keeping a close eye on military equipment, the publication wrote.