Israel’s Netanyahu Expresses ‘Total Support’ for Syria Strikes

Israel’s Netanyahu Expresses ‘Total Support’ for Syria Strikes
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his “total support” for US-led missile strikes against Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

“A year ago I gave Israel’s total support for [US] President Donald Trump’s decision to mobilise against the use of chemical weapons,” he said Saturday, referring to American strikes against the Syrian regime in April 2017 after a sarin gas attack on a rebel-held town.

“Israel’s support remains unchanged,” Netanyahu said.

“This morning the United States, France and the United Kingdom showed that their commitment is not limited to declarations of principles,” he added.

Earlier on Saturday, the three countries had carried out a missile strikes, hitting targets near Damascus and in Homs province.

Netanyahu warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that his “ceaseless efforts to acquire and use weapons of mass destruction… put Syria in danger.”

According to Israeli public radio, Western allies had given Israel, which remains technically at war with neighbouring Syria, advance notice of the air strikes.