‘Idiot’ and ‘Bastard’: Bodyguard Lashes Out at French President Macron (VIDEO)

‘Idiot’ and ‘Bastard’: Bodyguard Lashes Out at French President Macron (VIDEO)
REUTERS/ Philippe WojazerEurope12:24 29.01.2018Get short URL

Footage showing Emmanuel Macron giving autographs to dozens of kids in the city of Clermond-Ferrand swept French media on January 26 – and it was not Macron’s eagerness to talk to the children that made the headlines.

While President Macron, surrounded by excited children, was trying to give autographs, he found himself in a difficult situation, as he had no pad that would make writing easier. The video shows him asking one of his bodyguards for help, with the latter giving the president a writing case made of Kevlar fiber, which can be used to protect Macron from bullets.

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Realizing that the case was unhelpful, Macron jokingly said “The thing is not bulletproof, it’s trash,” and proceeded to say that his security detail had no decent writing case because the services failed to “find one that knew how to write.” His remark prompted the bodyguard to call the president an “idiot” and a “bastard.”