‘I Love Candy’! 44 Tons of Chocolate Worth 400,000 Euros Stolen in Germany

‘I Love Candy’! 44 Tons of Chocolate Worth 400,000 Euros Stolen in Germany
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Many people love sweets, but sometimes they seem to drive one crazy. This weekend, Germany saw an unprecedented amount of chocolate products disappear, taken to an unknown destination.

A group of unknown perpetrators hijacked two trucks with 44 tons of chocolate in the German city of Freiburg, police said on Monday.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, when the two vehicles full of sweets worth 400,000 euros were parked in an industrial zone.

Just after the trucks had been stolen, the police found one of them on the highway near the industrial zone. The driver managed to escape, but the cargo remained untouched.

The second truck was later discovered near the city of Lahr, but this time it was empty. The perpetrators are assumed to have loaded about 22 tons of chocolate into another vehicle and that was the last time anyone heard of them. The police are currently investigating the case.

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This is not the first time that large amounts of sweets are stolen in Germany. Last summer, a similar incident took place in the city of Neustadt, when a group of people stole 20 tons of chocolate products, including Kinder Surprise items and Nutella jars. The cost of stolen products was estimated to be about 50,000-70,000 euro.