Huge Crocodile Kills Woman in Indonesia

Huge Crocodile Kills Woman in IndonesiaCC0Asia & Pacific15:24 24.02.2018Get short URL



An Indonesian woman’s family and neighbors launched a search after she failed to return home from a riverside garden near the remote village of Teluk Kuali in Jambi province earlier this week.

Local citizens became suspicious that she had been attacked after seeing a gigantic crocodile floating near a boat with her belongings, police stated.

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“Residents found the lifeless victim floating on the edge of the river,” Kuswahyudi Tresnadi, Jambi police spokesman, told AFP.

Police spokesman added that the crocodile had eaten the lower half of her body and both hands.

Indonesia is known for its huge selection of exotic wild animals, including some species of crocodile that can attack and kill people.