‘Glasses Sister’: Adorable South Korean Curler Becomes New Internet Meme

‘Glasses Sister’: Adorable South Korean Curler Becomes New Internet Meme
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South Korea’s women’s curling team captain, Kim Eun-jung, has won everybody’s hearts in Pyeongchang and elsewhere with her game face and is now trending on Twitter.

The South Korea’s women’s curling team was an underdog in this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, starting the Games ranked eighth in the world, and on Wednesday the team was leading the competition 6-1.

But it wasn’t only the team’s unexpected progress that made the girls international sensations; it was also their tough 27-year-old team leader Kim Eun-jung and her extreme focus.

​Team Youngmi pic.twitter.com/rliShXr74I

​읁정 언니 기억헤,,,?,,,언니가,,,컬링,,,스톤,,,만지면서,,,참 크고 단단헤,,,햇던 거,,,? 그거,,,사실,,,내 머리엿자나,,,#안경언니https://t.co/2BHQSL5a2Lhttps://t.co/ChgOHGbEWE 5MB ↓ pic.twitter.com/5p6oPohpWT

​​​​Social media has exploded with photos of the steely-eyed Kim, with users praising her talent and calling her the coolest curler in the sport’s history.  

They noticed that Kim never loses concentration and almost never smiles, not even during group photoshoots.

And when she is happy with her team’s results, she graciously gives consent to high-fives.

​​A popular meme on Twitter is a block of dozens of Kim photographs, all with the same expression.

​Kim’s global fanbase loves her glasses and has even given her a nickname “Glasses Sister.”