Give Pies a Chance: US Army’s Menu to Include Pizza

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Pizza will be included in the field and combat rations of the US military in the near future, according to the portal Military.

The publication notes that the shelf life of this pizza will be up to three years. The US military will be offered only one type — pepperoni, but further expansion is expected.

According to the representative of the scientific center of the US army David Acette, military researchers have spent many years to create pizza without a lot of preservatives, which at the same time can remain tasty and fresh at high temperatures.

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Representatives of the army noted that the pizza in the ration will remind servicemen of home and make their lives more comfortable.

The US military will be able to get dry rations with pizza as early as 2019.

Previously, the media reported that US President Donald Trump’s plan to enhance the military were threatened by the prevalence of obesity among young adults.