Fries Too Salty, Coupons Fake: Austrian Woman’s Craziest Fight With McDonald’s

Fries Too Salty, Coupons Fake: Austrian Woman’s Craziest Fight With McDonald’s
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The fast food chain has repeatedly become the subject of customers’ criticism in the past. But this time the client’s discontent surpassed all possible boundaries.

An Austrian woman who picked a fight with McDonald’s staff has probably gone down in history as one of the most difficult McDonald’s clients ever.

The 41-year-old lawyer is currently suing the fast food chain over allegedly fake 50 euro coupons, which she said she received from the company as compensation for bad service, German newspaper Express reported.

The details behind the whole legal process appear to be even crazier than one could imagine.

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The story started with an incident that took place in 2013 in the Austrian city of Graz, when the woman and her boyfriend decided to have a quick bite in one of McDonald’s restaurants. But what was supposed to be a nice lunch, turned out to be a complete disaster, as the woman started to complain about too much salt in her fries.

The ordinary complaint escalated into a big a fight with the restaurant’s workers, which was followed by a chain of accusations, complaints and quarrels.

Not only did the woman lose her fiancé who had recently proposed to her (the man was so deeply shocked at her behavior that he broke up with her on the spot). Surprisingly, she also did not stop eating at the fast food chain and started visiting other McDonald’s restaurants to pick fights over poor service instead.

Since then, the woman has constantly bombarded not only employees, but also customer service with complaints. At some point, the nerves of the staff were so exhausted that they wrote on her customer card the abusive words “kiss my”

The woman finally went to court, but not because the fries were too salty or the service too bad. The reason was the two 50 euro coupons she claimed to have received from customer service as compensation.

In their turn, McDonald’s representatives say the coupons are a fake. Investigators are now trying to find out where the vouchers came from. The court will decide on the matter in the near future.