Explosions Heard in Damascus Region – Reports

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According to reports, explosions have been heard within Syria’s Damascus region as US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he was ordering to “launch precision strikes on Syria.”

Netizens on social media have reported hearing “big explosions.”

​Video footage has also surfaced with sounds of explosions. According to Reuters, Syrian State TV is reporting that air strikes are targeting Damascus and surrounding areas. No details have been offered on targets. Syrian military are responding to the air strikes with anti-aircraft weapons.

US officials are telling reporters that the strike involves Tomahawk cruise missiles, the same missiles that the US dropped on Syria in response to the alleged Khan Shaykhun chemical attack on April 7, 2017.

Trump addressed the nation late Friday and announced that he would be giving the go-ahead for a missile strike. Prior to Trump’s announcement, Vice President Mike Pence had been summoned to his hotel in Lima, Peru.