Ex US Envoy to UN: ‘N Korea Wants Nukes to Reunify Peninsula Under its Control’

Ex US Envoy to UN: ‘N Korea Wants Nukes to Reunify Peninsula Under its Control’
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US Ambassador John Bolton has lashed out at North Korea saying it’s interested in unifying the two Koreas under its lead, that’s why it needs nuclear weapons.

“At some point, people have to recognize that North Korea wants nuclear weapons not just for self-defense, but they still want to reunify the Korean Peninsula under their control,” Bolton said.

The former US Ambassador to the UN Bolton made the statements during a speech at a security forum in Washington on Wednesday. 

“The long-term security for South Korea will be undermined severely if North Korea gets that deliverable nuclear weapons capability,” Bolton told the forum.

Bolton is known for his hardline stance against North Korea and has criticized the country on social media many times in the past several weeks.

He even accused the US media helping spread Pyongyang’s propaganda.

Earlier this week it was revealed that US Vice President Mike Pence was set to hold a would-be historic meeting with North Korean officials during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, but Kim Jong-un’s government canceled at the last minute.

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John Bolton served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006.

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