Ex-Top Model Who Gave Heidi Klum Middle Finger Struggles to Make Ends Meet

Ex-Top Model Who Gave Heidi Klum Middle Finger Struggles to Make Ends Meet
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The young woman who took part in Germany’s Next Top Model TV show lives on unemployment allowance as no one wants to give her a job.

The 28-year old Tessa Bergmeier, a former German model and a single mother of a two-year old girl, can’t find a job and struggles to get by with the unemployment money she currently receives from the state.

Once a promising fashion model and a participant of the 2009 Germany’s Next Top Model TV show, hosted by German top model Heidi Klum, the young beauty developed a reputation for being a drama queen.

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During the show, she was the one who showed Heidi Klum the middle finger, one of several incidents that made her a “persona non grata” in the fashion business.
However, Tessa Bergmeier herself has a different opinion on the matter.

“This image was created by the media, it has nothing to do with me,” the young woman said in an interview with German newspaper Das Bild.

Earlier, Bergmeier shared her grief and indignation with her fans on her Instagram account.

“I know my truth and that’s all that matters. It makes me sad when I think of how many people without protection will fall victim to you [referring to the media]. Because of my image, hardly any German customer wants to book me. I haven’t even found a manager for over 9 years. I have been labeled ‘difficult’,” Bergmeier wrote.

Tessa Bergmeier is well-known in Germany as a fashion model and a singer. She broke up with her partner one and a half years ago and is now raising a two-year-old daughter alone.