EU Plans to React ‘Swiftly’ to Any Trump’s Trade Curbs

EU Plans to React ‘Swiftly’ to Any Trump’s Trade Curbs
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The European Union has reacted to US President Donald Trump’s critics over, what he called, the EU unfair trade practice, which the President sees as discriminatory against the US, explaining by it the expansion of the US foreign trade deficit.

“The EU is ready to react promptly and appropriately, if our exports are affected by any restrictive US trade measures,” Margaritis Skinas, the official representative of the European Commission (EC) stated on Monday at a press conference in Brussels.

The comment follows US President Donald Trump’s  statement made earlier in the day that he had a lot of problems with the European Union in the sphere of trade, calling their practices discriminatory toward the US and explaining that their alleged international currency manipulations had impacted the US trade deficit over the past two decades.