Delegates Agreeing to Attend Syrian Congress Received Threats – Participant

Delegates Agreeing to Attend Syrian Congress Received Threats – Participant
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SOCHI (Sputnik) – A “campaign of intimidation” was launched ahead of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi against those groups and delegates, who announced about their participation, Qadri Jamil, leader of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, said Tuesday.

“They exerted pressure on us. When you asked me who, I would ask you who is not interested in the Syrian crisis settlement in a border sense? There was a campaign of intimidation and threats ahead of the Congress against those who wanted to come here,” Jamil told reporters.

He underlined that despite the fact that the Syrian Negotiation Committee (SNC) decided not to attend the congress, the Moscow opposition platform chose to partake in the intra-Syrian dialogue.

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The participant also highlighted that despite the outcome, the forum was already a great achievement of the Syrians as they were provided an opportunity to discuss differences between them through a constructive peaceful dialogue.

“This dialogue, which is underway, is of permanent importance. Different forces have areas if influence in Syria and they have to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. It is a platform where they can discuss their differences,” Jamil said.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress officially opened in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi earlier in the day as a new platform for the discussion of the Syrian settlement. The intra-Syrian talks are also held under the UN aegis, usually in Geneva, with a focus on the four so-called baskets: constitution, elections, governance and counter-terrorism. The Kazakh capital of Astana became yet another platform for negotiations on the Syrian settlement.