Cheap Burgers Cause Clashes, Mass Chaos in German City (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Cheap Burgers Cause Clashes, Mass Chaos in German City (PHOTO, VIDEO)CC0Europe19:28 12.05.2018(updated 19:34 12.05.2018) Get short URL

Local police were called to the scene when some 4,000 people showed up at a newly opened fast-food restaurant to grab a cheap burger. Organizers were shocked and said they had expected only some 200 guests to attend their opening event.

A burger shop in the German city of Wiesbaden overplayed its hand by offering to sell burgers for €0.01 ($0.01) to everyone attending its opening party.

The promotional campaign attracted over 4,000 people on Friday, eager to treat themselves to the cheap burgers promised by the restaurant.

Organizers had to call the police to deal with the huge crowd that attended the event, Frankfurter Rundschau reported on Friday.

They confessed that they had expected some 200 quests and thus had to close the event earlier than planned.

Police had to block a nearby street to divert the crowd of burger fans in another direction.