Candor Pays: College Student Nicks Lexus, Gets Free Tuition

Candor Pays: College Student Nicks Lexus, Gets Free Tuition
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While fender-bending accidents usually end in angry brawls, there are happy exceptions too. Which is exactly what happened to a first-year college student in China who accidentally scratched a parked Lexus with her motorbike and, instead of being showered with abuse, was offered free college tuition instead.

The forthright, though not well-heeled in driving straight girl, a communications student at the Baoshan Academy School of Art and Design in Yunnan province, chose to spend over an hour in the hot sun waiting for the car’s owner to return.

When the car’s owner finally showed up, the girl said she was sorry and braced for the consequences.

Touched by the girl’s candor, the man decided not to press any charges. His equally impressed companion went even further offering to pay for all four years of her tuition.

In a text message to her benefactor, the girl wrote how she appreciated his generous gift.

“I’m so grateful to you for today. I’m an adult, and I recognize the responsibility that comes with that. I still haven’t told my family what happened. My parents are uneducated and from the countryside. They wouldn’t understand. I fear that if I told them they would only be anxious. Thanks so much for your leniency,” she wrote.

“Your actions explain everything,” the driver replied. “Wishing you a happy and enriching life in college.”