Britain Wastes Billions of Litres of Water Endangering Future Supplies

Britain Wastes Billions of Litres of Water Endangering Future Supplies
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Fast forward to the year 2050 and parts of England, including London and South East may well be experiencing significant water supply shortages.

Global warming, a growing population, supply shortages and a seriously overstretched water supply, could see the UK’s water resources running dangerously low, Britain’s Environment Agency has warned.

“There is strong evidence that action must continue to reduce demand, increase supply and minimise wasting of water to prevent future shortages and limit environmental damage,” the government’s water agency said.

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Report, the state of the environment: water resource is published by the Environment Agency reveals over 3,000 million litres of water a day are lost thanks to leaks and households are also to blame, wasting a third of all the water they use — around 140 litres a day.

Groundwater resources, for example lakes and reservoirs are already at unsustainable levels because so much water has been abstracted by people and industry.

​By 2026, Britain’s population will have increased to 58.5 million, the majority of people living in areas where according to the Environment Agency, “water supplies are already stressed.”

By 2050, supply will not meet demand thanks to greenhouse gas emissions and a growing population, the South East of England being the most affected area.

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