Brigitte Macron Cozies Up at Elysee Palace

Brigitte Macron Cozies Up at Elysee PalaceCC BY-SA 3.0 / Remi Mathis / Elysee PalaceEurope02:31 17.02.2018Get short URL



Le Figaro has published a hagiography of Brigitte Macron, marveling at France’s First Lady’s impeccable taste, love for theater and how great she is at redecorating the Elysee Palace.

The newspaper was especially delighted with the First Lady’s intention to “have a small orchard, like the one Michelle Obama had in the White House.”

The presidential residence hasn’t felt a firm female hand since Bernadette Chirac left in 2007, and the staff are ecstatic about high heels clip-clopping on the palace floors again. “She’s a true lady of the house in every sense,” says one of them.

AFP 2018/ FETHI BELAIDFrench President’s wife Brigitte Macron visits the home of late Tunisian stylist Ezzedine Alaïa, which has been turned into a museum, in Sidi Bou Said on the outskirts of Tunis

“Brigitte Macron combines light-heartedness and toughness, she’s truly open and gracious,” says the article. “More importantly, she possesses a quality really valued in France: she is highly educated. A former French and Latin teacher, she studies authors recently awarded literary prizes to catch up: Macrons’ family library contains more books than the one in the palace.”

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Redecorating the residence is one of Mrs. Macron’s main projects, which she carries out with the help of experts from Mobilier National, National Centre for Visual Arts, Pompidou Centre and Musée d’Orsay. She even borrowed a few Picassos from the Paris museum to spruce the place up a little.