Blast in Gaza Strip Reportedly Kills at Least Four Palestinians (PHOTO)

Blast in Gaza Strip Reportedly Kills at Least Four Palestinians (PHOTO)
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Earlier, over 1,000 Palestinians got wounds and one journalist was killed as clashes between protesters and Israeli servicemen at the Israeli-Gaza border turned violent.

According to local health ministry, an explosion in the southern Gaza Strip killed at least four Palestinians.

Medics that arrived at the site of the blast said that three people were killed but officials confirmed only two deaths.

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Protests at Gaza Strip began on March 30 with more than 30,000 protesters and are expected to continue until April 19, Israel’s Independence Day. Palestinians call that day “Al-Nakba,” Arabic for “the catastrophe.” The demonstrators are demanding their right of return to their ancestral homeland of Palestine.

WARNING: The following photos are graphic and may offend sensibilities

The Gaza Strip is one of the territories claimed by Palestine. Israel and Egypt have been imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007, severely restricting imports and exports to and from the territory, as well as the freedom of movement for the enclave’s inhabitants. Israel says the blockade is needed for security reasons.