Audio Clip Dividing the World: What Do You Hear ‘Brainstorm’ Or ‘Green Needle’?

Audio Clip Dividing the World: What Do You Hear ‘Brainstorm’ Or ‘Green Needle’?
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There is a new internet sensation going around with social media users fighting over which word is correct. It is truly remarkable as different people hear loud and clear one word, while others hear a completely different word.

Twitter user recently posted a new video clip where two different words can be heard, depending on what the person is thinking about it, and it’s got everyone asking one question: Does this audio clip say “brainstorm” or “green needle”?

The robotic voice saying one world several times has unleashed a new internet debate after only one week where a similar clip was asking whether people heard the word “Yanny” or “Laurel.”

Twitter user George Aylett posted the video on May 17 sparking a debate among netizens.

​The clip first appeared on Reddit and some users on the website were debating that people are essentially hearing what they wanted to hear because of low quality sound. 

“This does make sense, and it also reaffirms the idea that brains and perception are wild! Our bodies are so cool,” publication Bustle reported.

Some users can hear both the words depending on which word they think of before playing the clip. However, others are having trouble hearing both words, no matter what they think of or how many times they play the video.