At Least 6 Civilians Injured in West’s Massive Strike on Syria – Source

BREAKINGAt Least 6 Civilians Injured in West’s Massive Strike on Syria – SourceMiddle East07:25 14.04.2018(updated 07:37 14.04.2018) Get short URL

The Syrian authorities have not made any official statements on the total scale of the damages or casualties as a result of West’s strikes yet.

At least 6 civilians have been injured as a result of a missile strike on a military depot to the west of Homs, a local security source told Sputnik. Also, SANA agency reported that at least three civilians were injured as a result of the western states’ strike on a Syrian military facility in Homs.

According to Syria’s Ministry of Information, Western media are exaggerating the scale of US, UK and French strikes against the targets in Syria.

“The Ministry of Information calls on citizens not to trust any media reports, which are deliberately or undeliberately exaggerating the number of targets and consequences of the trilateral aggression,” the ministry said, as quoted by the Syrian State Television.

The broadcaster also refuted reports about nine targets, which were allegedly hit by the Western strikes.

While Damascus has not made any official statements on the total scale of the damages or casualties as a result of West’s strikes yet, the Syrian state-run SANA news agency reported that missile strikes carried out by the UK, France and Britain on a research center in Damascus had only caused material damage.

“Several missiles of the three countries [the US, the UK and France], which struck a research facility have only caused material damage to a building, which includes an educational center and scientific labs,” SANA reported.