AfD Leader Calls on Party Supporters to Reject Violence

AfD Leader Calls on Party Supporters to Reject Violence
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Jörg Meuthen’s statement came after his publication received several comments advocating the need for violent action to achieve “positive” changes in Germany.

A leader of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), Jörg Meuthen, called on the party’s supporters to refrain from violence.

In a Facebook message to AfD followers, the politician stressed that the right-wing party sees itself as a constitutional state party and thus rejects any violent change in Germany.

“We are making policy to change our homeland for the better in a strictly democratic way. We firmly reject calls to violence of any kind,” Meuthen wrote on the social network.

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His statement came as a response to comments under his column about Islam in Bavaria, in which the commentators promoted the thesis that violence is needed to “save” Germany.

Replying to the comments, Meuthen stressed that democratic means are “the only way” to deal with existing problems.

“In a democracy, no single group can take responsibility for speaking for the ‘entire people’, let alone carry out unlawful acts. This would lead to anarchy and chaos,” the politician stressed.

Earlier, German officials criticized the party’s alleged growing radicalization and its connections with far-right groups it had previously distanced itself from.

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The AfD, established in 2013, focuses on the anti-immigration agenda and Euroscepticism. Following the September election, the party came third and entered the Bundestag for the first time.