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A Paramount Foreign Policy Goal: Minimizing Refugees

What should be the defining objectives of U.S. foreign policy? Some urge that it should be military superiority over any foreign nation or coalition of nations, in terms of their capabilities, not their intentions. But as Henry Kissinger reminded us in his first and best book, A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, […]

Would ‘Rexit’ Mean First Step Toward War With Iran?

If reports are correct that Rex Tillerson is going to be fired as U.S. Secretary of State, to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton taking Pompeo’s old job, then prospects for war with Iran become significantly greater. Tillerson has been less bellicose in his attitude toward Iran than either […]

Rex Tillerson ‘Is a Dead Man Walking’

Pity soon-to-maybe-be-former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Here’s a man who can’t get to the sports page of his favorite newspaper without wading through a new round of rumors of his own demise. If it’s not a new leak out of Foggy Bottom saying someone cut in front of him in the cafeteria, presaging a […]

Blackjack and #Metoo: Swedish Prostitutes, Addicts Rebel Against Sex Abuse

Blackjack and #Metoo: Swedish Prostitutes, Addicts Rebel Against Sex AbuseCC0Viral11:07 30.11.2017Get short URL18201 In a never-ending series of trade protests against sexual harassment and violence that has rocked dozens of industries in Sweden in the past weeks, prostitutes and drug addicts have joined the #Metoo protest, voicing their personal stories of exposure. Under the hashtag […]

Did Kushner Keep Tillerson in the Dark on Saudi-Lebanon Move?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has accomplished the impossible: he’s actually united Lebanon, though perhaps only briefly.   The tale of how the 32-year-old bin Salman (or MbS, as he’s called), accomplished this is a tad complex, but it’s worth the telling. Earlier this month, on November 2, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the […]

The Duplicitous Superpower

For any country, the foundation of successful diplomacy is a reputation for credibility and reliability. Governments are wary of concluding agreements with a negotiating partner that violates existing commitments and has a record of duplicity. Recent U.S. administrations have ignored that principle, and their actions have backfired majorly, damaging American foreign policy in the process. […]