WWE star Rusev says it’ll be easy for Real Madrid to beat Liverpool

WWE Superstar and Real Madrid fan Rusev joins David Garrido as they preview the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool

WWE superstar Rusev has made his predictions for the Champions League final – and Liverpool fans may want to look away.

The Real Madrid fan does not think the Reds stand a chance against his Spanish favourites, who he is fully backing to complete a remarkable third Champions League success in a row.

Rusev, who is known in WWE as the Bulgarian Brute, feels Liverpool should simply be happy to be in the final and that they should accept finishing as runners-up as a glorious achievement.

“It’s going to be the easiest game of our whole season,” he said. “Liverpool aren’t supposed to be there and they know they’re not supposed to be there.

“They’re just like ‘eh, we’re lucky and we can have second place, we’re okay with that. Madrid will win three in a row and that’s fantastic.

“How do you go against a team like that and think you can beat them? No, you cannot.”

Click on the video above to watch the full interview as Rusev delivers his controversial Champions League final verdict!