WWE Hall of Famer Sting rues ‘lost match’ with The Undertaker

WWE Hall of Famer Sting still feels he could have had a “real good” match with WWE legend, The Undertaker.

Sting was forced into retirement after suffering a neck injury during his WWE championship match with Seth Rollins three years ago at the Night of Champions pay-per-view.

Speaking on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, the former six-time WCW world champion confirmed he has closed the chapter on a possible return to the ring and spoke about why a match with The Undertaker would have been so special.

He said: “Yeah, I’m really done. I mean my neck doesn’t bother me at all. For the first couple of months after the match, I had an ache that would go down to the left side of my neck and down into my left trap.

“I could still have had a real good Undertaker match for example. We could tell an incredible story with both the chemistry and the mystique of both of those characters.

“I’ve had these ideas for 20 years, some of the ideas I have in my head. It would be something that people would talk about for a long time, but I’m satisfied.”

In a storied career that spanned more than 30 years, Sting remained loyal to WCW despite interest from WWE during his career.

During Sting’s tenure in WCW, he felt there was no reason to jump ship to WWE due to him receiving everything he ever wanted from WCW.

“WCW would always give me what I asked for,” he said. “I knew that the commitment that I would have to make with Vince (McMahon) was being gone a lot more, a lot more time on the road, a lot more time away.

“With WCW at the time, I was able to kind of tailor my schedule to something that I could tolerate and something that was easier for my family at the time. Financially they always gave me what I wanted, but I was really close to leaving on a few different occasions and I was ready. If WCW didn’t give me what I wanted, then I was willing to take that risk and go to WWE.”

History was made at Survivor Series in 2014 when Sting made his first ever appearance in WWE and he would go on to face 14-time world champion, Triple H at WrestleMania.

Sting went on to reveal how pleasantly surprised he was by how welcoming everyone in WWE was when he signed for the company and the freedom chairman Vince McMahon gave him his matches.

“I was shocked at how everyone treated me,” he said. “I met the entire PR department up there in the big building in Connecticut. I went up there and met everybody and everyone – it wasn’t false, it was real. The enthusiasm, I mean everybody was just pumped to have me there and I felt pretty secure about it.

“They treated me well and Vince has been nothing but respectful and good to me all these years. By the time I ended up coming up there, he was the same way. When I went up there the first time, he wanted me to come in and say hello to him. He even wanted to produce and direct a lot of my spots that I did.”